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Important announcement

Due a serious health issue, Luis has stopped teaching this class as of December 6. Please contact his substitute Lucie Medova ( for details.

Class 7: December 5

Required reading: Toosarvandani, Maziar. 2010. Association with foci. Doctoral dissertation, University of California, Berkeley (read ch. 2).

Additional reading:

Class 6: November 28

Required reading: Adger, David. 2008. Stress and phasal syntax. Linguistic Analysis 33.

Class 5: November 21

Required reading: Zubizarreta, María Luísa. 1998. Prosody, focus, and word order. Cambridge: MIT Press (read ch. 2: "The relation between prosody and focus in Germanic and Romance").

Additional reading:

Class 4: November 14

Required reading: Szendrői, Kriszta. 2001. Focus and the phonology-syntax interface. Doctoral dissertation, University College London (read ch. 2: "Stress-driven focus movement")..

Class 3: November 7

Required reading: Rizzi, Luigi. 1997. The fine structure of the left periphery. In Haegeman (ed.) Elements of syntax. Kluwer: Dordrecht.

Additional reading:

Class 2: October 24

Required reading: É Kiss, Katalin. 1998. Identificational focus vs. information focus, Language 74:245–273.

Handout of Marta Ruda's presentation.

Class 1: October 17

Required reading: Beaver, David, and Brady Clark. Sense and sensitivity. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. Read chapter 2 ("Intonation and meaning").

Required reading: Beckman, Mary, and Julia Hirschberg. 1994. The ToBI annotation conventions.

Optional reading: Büring, Daniel. 2005. Semantics, intonation, and Information Structure. Ms., UCLA.

Recommended reference textbooks

For syntax: For semantics: For phonology: