Grammar of

General info

Time and place:
12:00–14:00; 25.F.01

Haus 14:3.29

Office hours:
Mondays 09:00–12:00
or by email appointment.
Walk-ins also possible, subject
to availability

Next important dates:
June 17
Squib 1 due

Readings after Week 5

Week 5:

Week 4:

Week 3: more about deep and surface anaphora

A text file with the notes of the class is available here. The class was a close comparison of extraction out VP ellipsis sites in English and Dutch, using data from the following two texts.

Week 2: deep and surface anaphors

Week 1: general introduction

Week 0

If you are missing some background, I recommend either one of the following textbooks. If this is not enough, come to see me and we'll discuss other possible remedial readings.

General info

Pass requirements

Active attendance and participation 10%
Presentation. 15%
Squib 1 (due June 17) 15%
Squib 2 (due July 22) 15%
Term paper (due August 31) 45%


This is not supposed to be a course where I talk for 90 minutes and you just listen. Active participation (in the form of asking questions, making comments, and, if it comes to that, disagreeing with me) is encouraged. It will be easier for you to participate if you put some effort into reading the assigned papers.


Every student will have to present a paper or book chapter selected by me and related to the topic under discussion for the week. Presentations should last between 20 and 30 minutes, and it's up to you whether you want to use a handout, a slideshow, or neither. You should be ready to answer questions about the paper.


A squib is a very short paper (3 pages maximum) on a topic of your choice. Squibs can either point out data that confirm/contradict anything we say in class, or point out problems with theoretical assumptions, point out untested predictions of any theory (see the Snippets journal for many examples of good squibs). Each student must write two squibs, the first one due on June 17 and the second on July 22 (last day of the course).

Term paper

On a topic of your choice, which can be an extension of one of your squibs. Anywhere from 15 to 20 pages, single-spaced, 2.5cm margins on all sides, with a 12pt font. Due on August 31. You should start thinking about possible topics as soon as possible, or ask me if you have problems identifying one.

Work submission policy

The squibs and the term paper must be submitted to me by email before their respective due dates. I will deduct 2 percentage points for every 24 hours that you are late. Please submit only pdf files.

Language policy

Classes will happen in English, but you can write your squibs and term paper in either English or German.

Class rescheduling

The April 15 class did not happen because I was away at a conference, and the June 10 class will not happen for the same reason. Whether make-up classes happen is something we will decide in time.